Wedding centerpieces, anyone?

Helloooooo lovelies!

The Trove is slowly being restored to order after being the base for "Operation: DIY Wedding" for a while.  I'll have both the room and the blog up and running again next week, but will be booking raids for this Saturday afternoon if anyone's interested in purchasing items that made up the wedding centerpieces & decor!   I have over 50 vintage milk glass, green glass, and assorted silver-plate and brass items ready to find new homes! Also up for grabs: green and purple paper lanterns, pew bows, and small lots of broken but lovely vintage jewelry for craft/repair.   Let me know if you're interested!


One of my favourite shots from the wedding...

This was taken at the end of the day.  I hadn't slept, or eaten, or sat for longer than 10 mins, my feet hurt, my eyes stung from too many hours in contact lenses, I was already composing the long list of things I'd have done differently for the day...and I was deliriously happy.   We drove out to the lakeside cottage that our dear friend let us use for the weekend, and enjoyed clowning around on the dock for our amazing photographer as the sun set.   This was one of our non-clowning shots, and I love love LOVE love it!

"So tweasure your wuv..."

So I've been a WIFE for one week and one day and I'm still reeling from how lovely our wedding was.  Did it all go according to plan?  Naarp.   Was it magical despite that?  Oh INDEED.   A summery sunshiney afternoon in the countryside, with 100 of our closest friends and family, a brunch SMORGASBORD, and two very very happy people thrilled to be joined together after five years of building towards the I Dos!

More pics to come, but please enjoy the small selection below!

Right before we walked down the aisle!

 All of our guests in the field next to the church.

Having massive barn doors at sunset = pretty amazing photos.

 The reception area, right before the brunch hordes descended.

A toast!

Outside the church, end of the day...


Trove hours this Saturday! Noon to 3pm!

Happy Friday all!

The wedding is in NINE DAYS so the Trove will be shut down after this weekend so that I can (lose my mind) work on finishing my brooch bouquets, (have a midnight meltdown) make 3 more boutonnieres, (drink myself to sleep) pack up all the decor items that need to go down to Dundee with us this Sunday, (fall and sprain an ankle) break in my wedding shoes...

*grins with manic cheer*

All that to say, that this Saturday afternoon will be the last day that the Trove is open for at least two weeks so if you'd like to pop by, please shoot me an email ;)

There are lots of things available which haven't been posted yet, including everything I listed yesterday and also:
  • vintage sterling silver earrings, elongated tear drop shape
  • bird & fox vintage carved bone necklace   SOLD
  • gorgeous 1970s suede dress, dolman sleeves, warm caramel colour, 6-8
  • silver-tone charm bracelet with lavendar charms - composed of recycled vintage findings!
  • sleeveless denim tunic, XS
  • super sheer 80s secretary dress, black, with a high collar and long puffed sleeves, size 8-10
  • men's heavyweight cotton v-neck sweater, black, Zara, M
  • antique large silver-plated oyster or shrimp server, with sea-dragon feet, STUNNING
  • vintage 60s norwegian apres-ski dress, size L
  • two brand new, never-worn, men's tuxedoes with shirts, vests, bow ties
  • 1970s burgundy leather boots, to the knee, ladies, size 6
  • above-the knee tweed pencil skirt, size 6
  • whackload of variety of teddy bear rubber stamps! never used!
  • and more!

***SOLD*** Perfectly mismatched trio of vintage cups: $10

****SOLD**** Could your kitchen shelves use a little shot of retro colour?  This trio of vintage 70s cups (made in Japan) would take care of that!   They each stand 3 1/4" in height.
Price: $10


****SOLD**** Trio of two-faced wooden hand puppets: $20

Trio of wooden hand puppets

Do you need help with your happily ever after tales?  These three adorable wooden puppets are ready to lend a hand, if  you are!   The Fool, the Princess, and the King each stand a little over 12" in height, and rest in round wooden bases when not in use.   Their hand-painted faces & brightly coloured felt cloaks are quite cheerful!  Well, actually, that's only partially true - if you spin these pretties round, they reveal their not-so-cheerful faces.  In the case of the Fool and the King, there is also some re-arranging of hair to be done for this about-face...and the King also loses his rather elegant mustache in the process of achieving his sad face.   Perhaps there's a tale to be told right there!
Price: $20 for the set of three

Sturdy wooden base
King/ wizard!
The Fool
The Princess/ Fair Maid
Oh hoh! They all have a not-so-happy side!

****SOLD**** Vintage 70s candy tin, made in Ireland: $10

Top of the candy tin

Embossed 1970s warm graphics, pretty little gold feet (three of 'em!), it used to hold chocolate eclair candy, and it was made in IRELAND?  Really, how much MORE could this tin have going on?  It measures 7 3/4" in diameter, 3" in height, and would make a nifty gift box for your own homemade chocolatey goodness.
Price: $10
Side-view: love the little gold-tone feet!

*** SOLD*** Vintage '60s clear rhinestone statement ring, size 7 (can be opened to larger size): $15

This vintage ring is in excellent condition! Unsigned, no missing rhinestones, and size 7, though adjustable to larger sizes. At 1.5" in length, this lovely will extend up to your knuckle - talk about serious sparkle!
Price: $15


****SOLD**** Betsey Johnson leopard print top, M: $20

****SOLD**** Crushed velvet long-sleeved cardigan-style top from the ever-wild-child-of-style Betsey Johnson! Animal prints, especially leopard, are all the rage for fall. Pair this top with distressed jeans & layer on the chains for a rockin' hot statement that won't break the bank. Or pair with a red pencil skirt, kitten heels, and over-sized pearls for a cool 'Wilma Flintstone rules the Office' look :)
Size: M
Price: $20 (retailed for over $150)


****SOLD**** Set of 4 tea cups, 1970s, made in Japan: $15

Very pretty set of four tea cups, made in Japan (1970s). The curly little elbow handles are quite sweet, as is the primarily green & orange flower barrow & umbrella print.

Price: $15 for the set


*SOLD* Pair of vintage leather belts, size S: $10

****SOLD**** Belting a favourite frock or coat is an easy & inexpensive way to give it a fresh new look! These two vintage leather belts would introduce a few new spins on your tried and trues. The top belt is marked JL Hernandez, is 1.5" wide, and the delicate floral detail would pop against your faded denims. The lower belt is pale beige with a gold-tone buckle, is 3/4" wide, and would pair beautifully with a solid colour flirty skirt in a rich jewel tone.
Size: if worn high on the waist, good for waists between 26"-30"
Price: $10 for the pair (reduced from $15)

Inspiration: wear light colours into the autumn!

Treasure = gorgeous old stone cottage, 1 hour from Montreal, $300 for 2 people for a romantic weekend!

Allo, allo!

Lesson learned, don't wait til 3 weeks before your wedding before booking accommodations! Luckily for us, our dear friend Stewart has a lakeside cottage that we'll be bunking in (willow trees! a dock! sunset on the water! oh my!), however in my frantic scouring of the interwebz, before the cottage was confirmed, I stumbled over a true jewel of a place for those seeking a lovely weekend getaway.

Trovers, it is my pleasure to present The Burnbrae:

Their description: "A Romantic Hideaway in the countryside for you to "come home" to whenever you like. Enjoy that cozy atmosphere of your own old stone farm cottage, with beams, open fires, period furniture, roses, willows and a touch of luxury. A self-catering holiday set in lovely Elgin countryside one hour south-west of Montreal, and just 30 minutes from the Adirondacks."

Occupancy based on two person stay:
Additional people $30.00 each per day
Available May 19th- Oct. 1st

Daily- (1-6 days) $125.00/day
**** Weekend- Friday 4:00 pm- Sunday 12:00 pm/ $300.00 ***
Weekly (7 days) $500.00
Monthly $1500.00
Housekeeping fee $50.00/weekend/weekly stay
Security deposit required.
Seasonal available on request
Plus all applicable taxes.
No pets

I can't get over how amazing this place is. LOOK at that two storey living room with the open stairway over the fireplace!

I'd love to invite 4 other friends along for the weekend (the Burnbrae can sleep up to 6 people) and then have 6 more folks along for a nice supper, cooked in the cozy farmhouse kitchen & served in the dining room for 12 (see pics below!).


Dining room for 12:

More info on their ad:
Or on their blog (scroll down on their site for more pics):

Sigh. So we won't be staying here for the wedding week, but perhaps in October for a bday getaway?

I'd love to have an evening BBQ on this back porch:

Edit: The Burnbrae is owned and run by husband & wife team Perry & Kim Moss. Kim has an organic bakery around the corner from Burnbrae, Petite Boulangerie d'Elgin, open Tuesday through Sat 11-6 . The bakery is located on their organic farm: 1160 3rd concession Elgin, (450) 264-9786, pop in for lunch and great espresso!

****SOLD**** Signed Weiss japanned jet & rhinestone brooch: $20

****SOLD**** One of the strongest trends for this fall is black lace. This vintage 1960s Weiss black rhinestone brooch is like lacy jewelry, and will add some sophisticated sparkle to any outfit. Pin it to a knit hat, or use it to add a girly touch to the lapel or waistline of a menswear-inspired outfit (blouse, suspenders and trousers, anyone?). It measures a little over 2" across.
Price: $20