Happy Holidays!

Dear Trovers,

Am off for some last minute shopping madness, but before I do, I wanted to wish you all a hale, hearty & happy holiday!   The Trove updates will be back in a week or so - whenever my turkey and cookie filled self can lumber towards a keyboard again.  

In the good news department: 
I passed my driver's road test a couple of days ago!  This means I'll be able to expand my treasure-hunting perimeter by quite a bit and I'm quite excited about this!   I'm already looking forward to spring (I know, we JUST got a smattering of snow), so that I can explore all the pretty little towns of upstate New York and Vermont and bring the treasure back to the Trovers!

Looking forward:
The Trove focus will be shifting towards vintage leather bags, home decor items, books, and jewelry - though the occasional exceptionally gorgeous item of clothing will make its way onto the site, I won't be stocking as much in the Trove room itself.

Ladies & gents, it has been a pleasure to rustle up goodies for you and your homes, and I hope the next few days are particularly stuffed with loved ones,  scrumptious food & drink, and many many wonderful moments!

Best to all!


*SOLD* 1927 edition of "The Week-End Book: A Sociable Anthology": $10

*SOLD* The preface describes this book as "a book of clues to good life for week-end pairs and parties."   This is the 17th impression of this anthology, printed in 1927 by The Nonesuch Press.   Within its venerable pages are (according to the table of contents) Great Poems, Hate Poems, State Poems, Epigrams, and more, including my favourites:  First Aid in Divers Crises & The Law and How You Break It.   It comes with its original book jacket, and the inside covers are a draughts board and a Nine Mens Morris board.   
Price: $20  $10


*SOLD* Vintage Coca-Cola crate: $30

*SOLD* Sturdy vintage wood Coca-Cola crate, divided into four sections. I quite enjoy all the crazy textures resulting from its long & useful existence: the scratches, paint marks, and the worn corners.
33" across, 18" tall, 18" deep
Price: $30


*SOLD* Large vintage 1940s-50s wooden chest: $100

This beautifully distressed chest was made right here in Montreal by Emery-Talbot Ltd. In 1948, their original building burned during what was dubbed "Black Week-end" in the Montreal Gazette due to the number of fires which took place in the city. I believe this box dates from slightly after the fire. Whoever owned it (the mysterious H.B.) marked the inside with important dates in his/her life, from the moon landing (marked "Man on the moon 1969" inside the lid) to various move dates around the city.

This is a lovely item, and would function very well as a coffee table/ games/ blanket storage in the living room or den, or as a bench/ storage space in a front hall, or as a blanket box in the bedroom. The original brass hardware is all present and functional, and the handles on the side make it easy to transport.

The interior smells quite nice, not musty at all, I believe it may even be cedar but can't be 100% certain.

Width: 33 1/2"
Height: 18"
Depth: 18"

Price: $100


*SOLD* Mid-century Cole Steel typist's desk: $80

This small mid-century piece by Cole Steel is just the thing for adding a vintage industrial accent to a room. At its current height, it would function very well as an unusual bedside table/ desk if space is at a premium. If you'd like to use it as a standard desk, I would advise that you add casters (easily found at Canadian Tire). The drawers slide out easily and the knobs are quite cute in their way :)
Height: 27"
Width: 30"
Depth: 16 1/2"
Price: $150 $80


*SOLD* Vintage leather-covered jewelry box: $15

Pale blue leather-covered jewelry box, with gold accents on the top, and a charming mustache-shaped handle. The interior divided tray makes it easy to organize your baubles, and there is a hidden compartment on the bottom. There is some damage to one corner, as well as a few scratches and wear marks, but considering that this item is over forty years old, it is in quite good shape.

Price: $20  $15

*SOLD* Charming accent mirror: $40

*SOLD* Simple & charming accent mirror, made in Quebec. I love how this type of mirror creates the effect of having an extra window in the room - particularly when angled to reflect something interesting. In a pinch, this mirror + a simple shelf under it would work very well over a kitchen table. Hang it in your entrance way for last minute checks on the way out, or over a bedside table or mantel (try flanking it with interesting frames!).
Measurements: 18" across, 24" tall
Price: $40

Some slight cracking - quite superficial.

*SOLD* Pair of brandy decanters: $20

Pair this handsome vintage glass duo with a nice brandy for a holiday gift that will keep on giving...depending on how quickly the giftee chooses to imbibe!
Price: $20

*SOLD* Small ornate brass dressing mirror: $20

Ornate vintage dressing mirror - at just 6" in height, this solid brass piece would nestle beautifully into a display of perfume bottles and small curios.
Note that the close up photo shows the actual colour best.
Price: $20

*SOLD* 1960s fruitcake tin by Guildcraft: $10

*SOLD* If you're giving someone lucky a lot of home baked goodies, why not present them in style? This footed vintage fruitcake tin by Guildcraft would hold a lot of cookies!
Price $10

*SOLD* Ornate brass plate or art stand: $10

Display a treasured plate, framed artwork or book on this solid brass easel-back stand! It stands 9" tall and the ribbon detail is charming like whoah :)
Price: $10

*SOLD* Vintage sterling silver ring, size 6: $30

This is a vintage 1940s sterling silver engagement ring, with princess-cut CZ stones in a beautifully raised setting. Would make an outstanding cocktail ring!
Stamped INV 925.
Size: 6
Price: $40 $30

*SOLD* Trio of Robert Louis Stevenson books, 1924 ed.: $20

Do you have a vintage book lover on your holiday list? These three Tusitalia editions of Robert Louis Stevenson works were printed in 1924, and would make a handsome addition to any bookcase.
Price: $40  $20

*SOLD* Vintage bracelet trio: $20

*SOLD* This trio of vintage gold and silver-tone bracelets would take care of a few stocking stuffer treats on your lists! In very good condition, all clasps fasten securely, and there is almost no wear to the metal.
Price: $20

*SOLD* Antique mustard pot: $10

Beautiful antique salt-glazed stoneware mustard pot by J. Stiff of Lambeth, England. Remnants of the original paper label remain. The pot stands about eight inches tall and would be a pretty vase for a holiday arrangement of berry branches.
Price: $20 $10