Happy Holidays!

Dear Trovers,

Am off for some last minute shopping madness, but before I do, I wanted to wish you all a hale, hearty & happy holiday!   The Trove updates will be back in a week or so - whenever my turkey and cookie filled self can lumber towards a keyboard again.  

In the good news department: 
I passed my driver's road test a couple of days ago!  This means I'll be able to expand my treasure-hunting perimeter by quite a bit and I'm quite excited about this!   I'm already looking forward to spring (I know, we JUST got a smattering of snow), so that I can explore all the pretty little towns of upstate New York and Vermont and bring the treasure back to the Trovers!

Looking forward:
The Trove focus will be shifting towards vintage leather bags, home decor items, books, and jewelry - though the occasional exceptionally gorgeous item of clothing will make its way onto the site, I won't be stocking as much in the Trove room itself.

Ladies & gents, it has been a pleasure to rustle up goodies for you and your homes, and I hope the next few days are particularly stuffed with loved ones,  scrumptious food & drink, and many many wonderful moments!

Best to all!



Elsa said...

Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth said...

Holly jolly holidays, my dear!

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