*SOLD* Large vintage 1940s-50s wooden chest: $100

This beautifully distressed chest was made right here in Montreal by Emery-Talbot Ltd. In 1948, their original building burned during what was dubbed "Black Week-end" in the Montreal Gazette due to the number of fires which took place in the city. I believe this box dates from slightly after the fire. Whoever owned it (the mysterious H.B.) marked the inside with important dates in his/her life, from the moon landing (marked "Man on the moon 1969" inside the lid) to various move dates around the city.

This is a lovely item, and would function very well as a coffee table/ games/ blanket storage in the living room or den, or as a bench/ storage space in a front hall, or as a blanket box in the bedroom. The original brass hardware is all present and functional, and the handles on the side make it easy to transport.

The interior smells quite nice, not musty at all, I believe it may even be cedar but can't be 100% certain.

Width: 33 1/2"
Height: 18"
Depth: 18"

Price: $100



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