Greetings to all!

I've got quite a ridiculous amount of Stuff coming up (school, work, much neglected social life, rather neglected husband, totally neglected personal projects) and will be taking a one week off from Trove duties to recharge ye olde batteries.

Have a lovely week!


Planning the next chapter in the denim search...

I *almost* popped into the Gap yesterday to continue the denim search, but a combination of the following prevented me from doing so:
  1. I was having a serious "belly mush" day.   You know what I mean?  When you poke at your midsection and it just...wobbles...
  2. My feet ached from being in heels all day.
  3. S. called to say that he had made dinner :)
  4. My memories of working at the Gap - oh goodness...that was 12 years ago.  Being assigned the Denim Wall was akin to punishment.  All those careful indentations that had to be made so that things Lined Up Just So.
  5. My last pair of Gap jeans were FAB for about the first 2 hours of wear after they'd been washed before they just stretched out of shape and left me with the dreaded denim Boy Crotch and Saggy Butt.  Not a desirable look.
A little on-line research has me curious about:
  1. "New Wide Leg Trouser Jeans - pin tucked":  I really like the high waist and vertical pintuck.  Could be flattering, could be disastrous.  We shall see!
  2. "Curvy Jeans - Medium Wash":  I like how even the wash is.  Often paler washes are ruined (in my opinion) by whiskering and distressing.   I don't need whiskering to draw attention to my hips, and since I'm petite, the distressing doesn't always line up where it's meant to.   Maybe they'll have this in petite lengths!
Will likely head there tomorrow at lunch and will report back!

***SOLD*** Delicate rhinestone necklace: $20

***SOLD*** Sometimes costume rhinestone jewelry doesn't shriek; it whispers.   That's certainly the case with this delicate necklace.  It measures, 17" in length & all rhinestones are prong-set.   Would be stunning with a strapless gown, and yet is surprisingly easy to wear with a  blouse or v-neck lightweight knit.
Price: $20


Heading out to try a new denim shape...

I'm wearing heels today (Very Rare Occurrence), and have decided to take this opportunity to try on some new jean shapes that would look best with some added height (oh, how different the world is at a towering 5'5"!).   Am doubting that high-waisted trouser leg denims will suit me, but I've been wrong before and oh GOODNESS am I tired of my skinnies. 

Will let y'all know how it goes!

Edit:  A little over an hour later...

So I had time for one stop: RW&Co.  

They're introducing their spring denim styles, and they've got trouser leg, bootcuts and skinnies, as well as (shudder) jeggings.   I tried two styles, both priced below $70: the bootcut (called the "Stacie"), and the trouser cut (the "Rebecca"). 

They had the Stacie available in a variety of washes.  I opted for a medium blue and found the fit to be very comfortable.  It has a good amount of stretch in it, the fading is flattering & the bootcut starts well below the knee which is nice; however I didn't like the whiskering at the hips (as subtle as it was), and the denim itself was a little heavier than what I'd like for warmer months. 

Next up was the "Rebecca,"  their trouser cut in a dark wash.    This was very office appropriate and I liked that the waistline sat fairly high (it passed the 'sit' test).   No tugging everytime I stand up = a very good thing.   The denim was a little lighter in weight, but I think that having all that visual volume around my knees and calves will take some getting used to.

Am thinking that Foxy might be next, as my two go-to pairs of dark wash (one black, one blue) skinnies are from there and they're super comfy, held their dark wash well, and have room for hips.  Also: if you sign up to their VIP club, they email you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase!

Stay tuned!

***SOLD*** Poet blouse, size S: $15

Label: Bedo
Size: S
Soft cotton-blend blouse, ever so slightly off-white, with a lovely fall of ruffles on the bodice.  This would look smashing under a blazer - the ruffles would peek through while not adding bulk.   It would also tuck well into high-waisted dressy shorts or menswear-inspired trousers.  Just add a thin belt, and voila!
Price: $15

***SOLD*** Wonderland Blue purse: $15

***SOLD*** When I first saw this purse it made me think of Alice in Wonderland, and I couldn't quite pin down why - perhaps the fanciful blue?  Then my dear friend Kiley took one look at it and said, "It's because that middle part looks like the key she talks to."  Wha-bam.  Nailed it.
Vintage 80s Wonderland purse!   It has two compartments, a buckle closure & the nice short strap ensures the bag is secure under your arm.   At 12" tall and 8 1/2" across, it is the perfect size for a book, your phone, and wallet

Price: $15

Small discolouration on top.

Sleek silhouette - you can see the two sections here.


Vernissage at Café 92° this Saturday from 2pm-4pm

Textile art exhibit featuring works by
Josie F. Caro, Tara Dupuis and Dimitrinka M. Tosheva.
Til March 31, 2011
Café 92° - 6703 Sherbrooke W., Montreal, H4B 1P3
Vernissage: 2pm-4pm, Saturday February 26th
Music at 2:30pm: Tessa Kautzman - www.myspace.com/tessakautzman

Tara Dupuis is currently studying Print Media at Concordia University. Her favourite techniques include photography, silkscreen, and textile arts. She currently calls Montreal home, but spends part of each year in Northern Saskatchewan – from where she draws much of her imagery.

You can view her crafted works at http://www.etsy.com/shop/OttavaStudios
You can view her printed works at http://www.etsy.com/shop/tdupuis

Josie F. Caro
Josie's first experience with knitting happened in the summer of 2004, on a picnic blanket in a little park on the corner of Terrebonne and Grand Boulevard, where a good friend sat her down with a ball of white yarn and an extra pair of 6 mm plastic knitting needles. She has since been seen knitting on buses, metro cars and at the occasional pub, working on several projects at a time. Josie currently teaches Math and Science at Villa Maria High School, where she also runs the Knitting Club.

Dimitrinka M. Tosheva
Paints icons, tempera and oil-paintings & textiles. She has participated in exhibitions of the Orthodox Theology Faculty at Veliko Turnovo University. Recently has done some different works, include the presented hand painted silk scarves.

Born on 09 December 1976 in the town of G. Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria.
1995: E. Stanev High School, Fine Arts, Graphic Design Speciality
2002: Master’s Degree in Iconography in Sts Cyril and Methodius University in V. Turnovo.
2002: Painted the dome of St Mina Chapel in Sofia.
2003: Painted the icons of the Apostles’s order in Sts Peter and Pavel Church in Misia.

***SOLD*** Vintage sleek 70s leather clutch: $15

 ***SOLD*** Buttery soft leather in rich brown and oxblood tones!  Vintage 70s envelope clutch (12" x 7") with thin shoulder strap.  In very good condition.  Would look very well with the returning and re-thought 70s styles.
Price: $15


***SOLD*** Black & white ruffle front silk blouse, size 8-10: $15

Label:  Silkland Petite

Size: 10, but with a slightly narrow shoulder
Measurements: 38"-40" bust, waist is free-flowing
Materials: Silk shell, polyblend lining
This black & white silk blouse is graced with a ruffled collar & placket, as well as lightly ruffled cuffs.  It belts beautifully, and would tuck into a high waisted trouser or skirt very well.
Price: $15



***SOLD*** Light sequined & fringed scarf: $15

***SOLD***   This lightweight dressy scarf is perfect for spring.  It has it all:  sequins, flowers, long fringe, and all against a flattering off-white that goes just as well with a jean jacket as it does with a more formal dress.Price: $15


*SOLD * Vintage-style long necklace with pendant watch: $10

***SOLD*** Long brass-tone chain ending in a beautiful (& functional!) pendant Quartz watch.  The case has a snowflake on one side, and flowers (Spring!) on the other.
Price: $10

I picked up my new glasses today (love!), took one look in their beautifully lit and accurate mirror through my pristine new lenses and blanched (not so much love!).   Holy frick on a stick do I need a makeover.  Winter dryness and winds have taken their toll on my skin.  My "soap, water, shea butter and lip balm" routine needs to level up.  I'm not ready for Spring's new matte orange lips, but maybe some peach?  A defined eye?

Any cosmetic-gurus out there want to help me put together two daytime looks for less than $80?  I'll trade ya for Trove credit!

Now I get to walk around for the next 48 hours trying not to be distracted by textures (hair!  wool!  brick! whooooooahhhhh!) or bewildered by the new distance to the sidewalk...

Send the Senegal 8 to West Africa!

Jeanne Lemba, a dear Trover-friend, is part of the Senegal 8, a group of eight young people raising funds to go to Dakar, Senegal for two months later this year to work on food security issues.

Photo: Rachel Granofsky for the Montreal Mirror.
This initiative is featured in this week's Mirror, and is well worth the read.

They've partnered with a serious Montreal treasure, Kalmunity Collective, for a fundraising show tomorrow at 8pm at Le Grillon. If you've never experienced Kalmunity before - I can tell you that it is QUITE the experience!   Info for tomorrow's show can be found here:  http://rootedmontreal.wordpress.com/events-2/

4:30am. Kitchen. Betty-cat. Staring contest.

S. and I strongly suspect that our dear sweet little Betty-cat is going into heat.  She unleashed an unearthly yowl at 4:28a.m.  At 4:30a.m. I unlocked the door to the kitchen (where she stays at night) and had a staring contest with her thinking I could cow her into submission with the sheer force of my glare.   Needless to say, that didn't work.   So then there was some clumsy chasing, severe nose-tapping, more yowling, and then finally S. decided to SMEAR HER WITH FOOD.  Brilliant.  She spent a quiet hour grooming herself, but it was TOO LATE and I couldn't get back to sleep.

All that to say:  I will be meeting my appointments today, but please excuse my disheveled baggy-eyed state.  And if it looks as though I'm engaging in a staring contest with you, I've likely just fallen asleep for a second...with my eyes open.


Time to call the vet, heigh ho!

***SOLD*** Long silver-tone necklace with huge crystal pendant: $20

****SOLD**** This one should come with a warning: "May cause temporary blindness due to sheer Bling Power."  The pendant is 3" long and just bursting with Austrian crystal goodness.   The necklace can be worn between 24" and 31" in length.  Nickel free for those with metal sensitivities.
Price: $20


****SOLD**** Wide leather low-slung belt, Roots: $15

****SOLD**** Gorgeous Canadian-made 3" wide leather belt by Roots.   Meant to be worn slung low on the hips, over a tunic or a dress.   Would look rather chic with some of Spring's new wider leg pant shapes.  Has a nifty side pocket!
For hip sizes 37" - 42"
Price: $15


Photo: http://styledefined.blogspot.com/


****SOLD**** Handsome pocket watch, made in Japan: $10

****SOLD**** Quartz pocket watch with embossed case, made in Japan. 
NOT functional, but would be very nice as part of a decorative vignette, or suspended from a ribbon in a window.
Price: $10


****SOLD**** 1973 Caravelle pendant watch necklace: $20

This is a functional swiss-made wind-up Caravelle pendant watch, 1973.  It has the original Monet chain (18" in length) and the pendant is 1 1/2" long.  No more fumbling for your phone when you want to know what time it is!
Price: $20


****SOLD*** Vintage Coro enameled leaf necklace: $25

****SOLD**** Signed Coro white enameled necklace in a leaf motif.   Each link is four leaves with creamy white enamel over gold tone, the veins showing through the leaves are gold tone. The enamel is in very good condition with a few tiny chips that do not detract, the underside of the necklace has some slight wear as is usual with vintage necklaces.

11 inches in length with a 7 inch white bead extension. Signed Coro on the shepherd's hook closure.

Price: $25


****SOLD**** So. Confession. I am a brown boot girl. These are black. And only $20.

****SOLD**** Just outside our apartment door there are two things.  To the left, wood shelves housing S.'s shoes, brown ones, blue ones, pale ones, shiny black ones for fancy outfits, less shiny black ones for work, ones with laces for athletic endeavours, and a very sensible pair of boots.   To the right, a brass bench I rather clumsily (but very enthusiastically) wielded a staple gun on one day and prettied up with a bit of $3 striped fabric.  Under this bench are my boots. Three pairs.  All some variation of brown.

I spotted these 80s boots while treasure-hunting one day and fell hard and fast for their shapely heel, soft leather, subtle bow detail, and almond toe shape.  But they were black.  I tried to make them work, but alas, I am a brown boot girl.

My loss, your gain?
Size: 7B
Price: $20

Nifty ankle detail

Teeny scuffs near the heel base.

Almond toe box


***SOLD*** Wink-wink-nudge-nudge lamp: $15

Illumination!  Though the shade is evenly redly illuminated - there is no weird yellow middle bit.  Silly photo.
***SOLD*** The soft pool of reddish light that this little lamp spills just looks...naughty...somehow.   Enjoyably so.   I think it deserves a corner in your room, because when you yank the little chain, it's like *pouf* instant boudoir.   The lamp stands 13" tall, and 6" in diameter & is mostly made of plastic so it won't break when it gets knocked off the bedside table.  Though why that should happen, I don't know.
Price: $15

Un-illuminated and redly pretty.

****SOLD**** Supple navy obi-style belt: $20

****SOLD**** This is the most supple leather I've ever encountered.  Deep navy obi-style belt, 3" wide at its widest.  The wider part of the belt is 22" long before tapering into thin sections, each over 30" in length.
Price: $20