More reasons to book a Trove raid this Sunday!

  1. *SOLD* Grindley Creampetal gravy boat, made in England.
  2. *SOLD* Adjustable cameo ring, jadeite-green enameled brooch, sterling silver and moonstone pendant
  3. *SOLD* Regal blazer, Ou Empereur Ou Rien
  4. *SOLD* Mid-century modern classic!  Set of 5 Dansk candle holders
  5. Vintage leather and fabric purse, Dovando
* The prices on over 20 items have been dropped -
see the Recently Reduced section *

    Trove Raids available Sunday afternoon!

    Looking for a cozy room filled with treasure to spend a rainy afternoon in?
    Sunday Trove raids are available between noon and 5pm!
    Fresh tea will be served.
    Please contact me to set up a session.

    Sneak peek at some of the treasure...
    1. Sterling silver ring, size 6
    2. Pair of glass decanters
    3. Big and bold navy & red asymmetric necklace
    4. Sarah Coventry necklace and bracelet set
    5. Hector Delamontagne travel case
    6. Denim blazer

    *SOLD* Mid-century glass decanter set: $15

    *SOLD* Add a vibrant pop of mid-century modern colour to your bar or sideboard! Small glass decanter with four shot glasses.
    Price: $15

    More Trove Tales!

    Marla's perfect Little Black Coat:
    "I bought this little black coat back in the fall of 2009 when the Trove was just starting up and it has served me very well! It is the perfect cut, the perfect weight, and it's been everywhere with me. I have other fantastic items purchased from the Trove, but this coat is my favorite!"

    Fetta put together a very cute photo collage of all her favourite Trove finds: 
    black silk dress, fun skirts, an assortment of jewelry.

    Toni uses two of her vintage Trove finds to help keep her office in order.

    *SOLD* Vintage casserole dish: $15

    *SOLD* Vintage oval casserole dish, with bumper crop of harvest goodness adorning both sides. Made in England.
    Price: $15

    *SOLD* Perfectly mismatched set of four small glass bottles: $15

    *SOLD* These vintage glass bottles range in height from six  to seven and a quarter inches and could be used as decoration (so pretty in a window or on a mirrored tray!), to mix small amounts of dressing or syrups for a brunch, or to hold miniature versions of mouthwash or aftershave in a guest room.
    Price: $15 for the set of four

    *SOLD* Sterling silver & mother of pearl claddagh ring, size 5: $20

    *SOLD* Sterling silver & mother of pearl claddagh ring.
    Size 5.
    Price: $20

    "The Claddagh's distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, and usually surmounted by a crown. The elements of this symbol are often said to correspond to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).

    Claddagh rings may be used as friendship or relationship rings depending on the intention of wearer and, in the case of a gift, of the giver. There are three traditionally accepted ways of wearing the ring which may signal someone's relationship status:[1]
    1. When worn on the right ring finger with the heart pointing to the fingertip, the wearer is free of any attachment.
    2. On the same finger with the ring turned around, it suggests someone is romantically involved.
    3. When the ring is on the left hand wedding ring finger it means the person is married or engaged.[1]"


    *SOLD* Vintage yellow milk glass bowl with blue rose detail: $15

    *SOLD* Vintage milk glass bowl in creamy yellow, with four blue rose posy details gracing the exterior.
    Diameter:  9"
    Price: $15

    Now in the Trove: vintage cameo pendant necklaces! $15-$20

    Click image twice to see clear detail.

    Thank you to everyone who's been responding to the poll (see column to the right).   I'll be sure to keep an eye out for more vintage books, leather bags, and pendant necklaces.   

    Beginning with the sparkliest of those options:  CAMEO!

    Left to right:
    1. White carved necklace drop with horse and waves, no chain: $10
    2. Circular locket vintage pendant necklace, the locket is 1 3/4" in diameter: $20 *SOLD*
    3. Hand stitched rose motif cameo with tasseled end, reversible to embossed gold tone floral filigree motif: $30 *SOLD*
    4. Black & gold glass rose cameo pendant necklace with clear rhinestone dangle: $15
    5. Red glass with gold accent cameo pendant: $20 *SOLD*
    6. Two strand pearly beads & white with clear glass beads necklace with cameo clasp. Clasp is a milk glass and dark amber tone cameo with faux pearl and clear rhinestone accented frame. Some wear on clasp back with visible metal loss.  Necklace part can be detached from clasp on both ends & the clasp can be worn as brooch: $20

    $10 garage sale shelves = new look for a corner in the Trove!

    Sohrab and I spotted this robin's egg blue beauty for $10 at a garage sale this weekend.  It looks like it may have been used as a hutch, and it was instant love for both of us.   Sohrab WALKED IT HOME on his shoulder and then we carried it up four flights of stairs!  We tried to make the shelves fit in the kitchen, but we needed an extra crucial inch between the fridge and stove to make it work.   Then we tried to fit the shelves in the Trove and, wouldn't you know, it fit like it was made for the space.   

    I love living in NDG for so many reasons, and excellent garage sale treasure is one of them!

    A few good reasons to head out to NDG tomorrow!

    Saturday Specials in the Trove:

    Blouses: $10
    Skirts: $10
    Blazers: $15
    Dresses: $15-$20
    Leather jackets: $50
    Purses/bags: $10-$40
    *Jewelry: 50% off*
    Housewares: $10-$30
    Designer items: $40-$60

    Please do contact me to set up a raid.
    Appointments are available between 12:00 and 7:00pm
    *Students receive a $10 credit to start the shopping*

    Lots of fun garage sales in the area
    Kavanagh Vintage:  I am in love with their vintage lamps and wall of cowboy boots!
    Spicy & sweet delights at Briimstone Chocolates & Fudge: curry in chocolate?  Oh you bet! And her Turtle fudge is addictive.  Consider yourself warned.
    Full-bodied coffee and melt-in-your-mouth croissants just around the corner at CafĂ© 92°
    Bruxe Magasin General:  just opened this month!
    10 mins west of the Trove, the best burgers in town: Burger de Ville!



    *SOLD* Set of four milk glass cups: $25

    Beautiful set of four milk glass tea cups, with arched floral pattern.
    Price: $25

    *SOLD* Vintage Pyrex oval divided serving dish: $10

    *SOLD* I have a small but growing collection of vintage turquoise Pyrex, and I love how the colour and graphics pop against our white shelving.   

    Oval Pyrex serving dish, divided down the middle.   It measures 12" long, 8 1/2" at its widest, and 2 1/4" tall.   The chartreuse floral detail is a little faded in spots, hence the low price!
    Price: $10

    Inspiration:  Vintage Pyrex adds pops of colour to your kitchen!

    Photo: DesignSponge

    *SOLD* Two Metropolitan Opera House playbills, 1920s: $10


    Attention music lovers!

    In the late 19th and early 20th century's the New York Metropolitan Opera House sold librettos for their operas.  The libretto contains the original words in Italian, French or German with a correct English translation. 

    These librettos are for Rheingold and Tannhaeuser.  Each booklet is about 36 pages and contains the entire two act script or dialogue in both German (left side) and English (right side), plus the music score for piano is also included.

    The booklets are circa 1920 and originally sold for 30 cents.  Each measures about 7" X 10". 

    Price: $10 for the two


    *SOLD* Vintage brass pear container: $15

    *SOLD* Add a harvest-themed accent to your mantel, kitchen, or study with this vintage brass pear-shaped container.   It stands 9" tall and has clean sculptural lines.
    Price: $15

    *SOLD* Vintage Joan & David ankle boots, 6.5M: $30

    *SOLD* Label: Joan & David
    Size: 6.5
    Vintage lace up ankle boots in the perfect autumn cognac. Leather, with a few small scuff marks, and the laces on one have been broken and re-knotted once. Made in Italy.
    Price: $40  $30

    *SOLD* Set of 8 vintage spice jars: $20

    *SOLD* Classic country kitchen spice jars, in blue & antique white. Made in Belgium. Nice and large, each one is taller than your average tea cup! The round lids fit snugly, cork-style, and there is a charmingly delineated space for your hand-written spice labels.
    Price: $20 for the set of 8


    *SOLD* Pair of vintage Benedict Proctor silver plated trophies: $15

    *SOLD* Two sweet and small silver plated trophies, made in Canada by the Benedict Proctor company (operational from 1890 to 1940 - based in Trenton, Ontario).  They stand approximately 4" in height and each have a small heraldic detail which could be engraved with a monogram.
    Price: $15 for the pair


    *SOLD* Pair of vintage glass insulators: $15

    *SOLD* Two vintage glass insulators, one Dominion, one Hemingray.   These make great paperweights, and also look quite pretty glimmering in a sunlit window.
    Price: $15 for the pair

    *SOLD* 1923 edition of Scenes from Dickens; Trials, Sketches, Plays: $20

    This 335 page edition of Scenes from Dickens: Trials, Sketches, Plays is in remarkable condition given its age.  It even has the original bookjacket.
    Publisher: Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, ©1923.
    Price: $20

    *SOLD* Art Deco Bakelite hand mirror: $20

    *SOLD* Deep swirled butterscotch Bakelite hand mirror, Art Deco, with the original mirror. The mirror has some discolouration but is still quite decent.
    Price: $20

    *SOLD* Vintage glass lamp: $15

    *SOLD* Unusual vintage glass lamp with three-pronged beautifully curved base. It's quite schmancy and I would be very tempted to provide it with a kitschy tiki shade. Save it from my misguided creative impulses!
    Price: $20 $15

    *SOLD* Vintage mother of pearl & green enameled necklace: $15

    *SOLD* Vintage unsigned necklace, 18 1/2" long.  The linked pieces are beautifully organic in shape, with two mother of pearl sections, three chartreuse enameled sections, and four hunter green enameled pieces with iridescent floral centres.   Silver-tone, but with a a faint copper under-tone coming through.
    Price: $15

    *SOLD* Vintage wheel-thrown speckled low stoneware pot: $10

    *SOLD* The small flaws in this vintage 70s stoneware piece enhance its beauty.  No cracks or chips, but there is a slight asymmetry in the top - likely due to the fact that it is wheel-thrown.  The rich purple is speckled with turquoise, and would make a gorgeous foil for simple autumn arrangements of bright orange and red leaves & pine cones.  It would also be a lovely planter for easy-to-care-for succulent plants.
    Diameter: 8"
    Height: 2 1/2"
    Price: $15  $10


    *SOLD* Vintage 1970s cougar head Ruth E. Saltz suede chain strap purse: $30

    Label: Ruth E. Saltz
    This is a signature cougar-head bag by Ruth Saltz, in a luxe suede with a leather band, gold tone accents, and a chain strap which can be worn long, or doubled & shorter.   The soft fawn colour is perfect as an autumn neutral.  
    Dimensions: 9" across x 8" down
    Price: $30