A few good reasons to head out to NDG tomorrow!

Saturday Specials in the Trove:

Blouses: $10
Skirts: $10
Blazers: $15
Dresses: $15-$20
Leather jackets: $50
Purses/bags: $10-$40
*Jewelry: 50% off*
Housewares: $10-$30
Designer items: $40-$60

Please do contact me to set up a raid.
Appointments are available between 12:00 and 7:00pm
*Students receive a $10 credit to start the shopping*

Lots of fun garage sales in the area
Kavanagh Vintage:  I am in love with their vintage lamps and wall of cowboy boots!
Spicy & sweet delights at Briimstone Chocolates & Fudge: curry in chocolate?  Oh you bet! And her Turtle fudge is addictive.  Consider yourself warned.
Full-bodied coffee and melt-in-your-mouth croissants just around the corner at CafĂ© 92°
Bruxe Magasin General:  just opened this month!
10 mins west of the Trove, the best burgers in town: Burger de Ville!




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