The Trove Turns Two & Reasons to Send in your Trove Treasure photos!

Dear Trovers,

My little corner of the blogiverse turns 2 this Friday and I would love love LOVE to post your Treasure Trove photos over the course of this week!  Have you worn a Trove find to a special occasion?  Has something from the "For Your Home" section found its way to a special nook in your kitchen, entryway or livingroom?  Every person who sends me photos will receive a $10 Trove credit, and I'll happily share your stories and images as well!

This Friday, September 9th, I will be hosting a special evening of shopping from 4pm to 9:30pm and here are a few reasons you may want to attend (and have your $10 credit ready to roll):
Romance & Roses

Not So Basic Blacks

Equestrian Inspiration

Richly Red

Cozy Country Textures

Warm Autumn Vintage

Lady Luxe:  DvF, Holt Renfrew, Sonia Rykiel, agnes b., Miu Miu, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Ze Sparklies, oh how zey Sparkle!

And if all that wasn't enough of a reason to join the party:  Persian and Filipino sweets will be available, as well as our home tea blend.   If the evening is warm, the tea will be iced ;)

Please do contact me to RSVP for the "Trove Turns Two" shopping event!


Anonymous said...

"Maligayang bati & Mubaarak"
Continued success and glory!


Maia said...

What size are the white shoes??

Laura said...

I love your tea and will be there for sure! Such a cute post - I am loving the new sneak peeks! Will email my photos soon, just need to take some good ones.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The Magpie's favourite find this year was the gorgeous seltzer bottle from your Trove. Can't wait to see what else you add to our nest...All the best for continued success, Christine.

Lady Jane said...

Hi Saab, Thank you for the trilingual best wishes :)

Miss Maia: Am sorry the shoes are too small, but perhaps you'll find something else if you can pop by on Friday!

Hello Laura, There'll be plenty of tea, never fear, and I'm looking forward to your photos.

Hi Christine, I'm very glad the antique seltzer bottle went to such an appreciative home. And I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies the Magpie's brought back from her travels!

SanDrakula said...

Lovely Kits! I has a little question. I wear large Large (vintage Large) or XL. I wanted to know if you have some XL items because I always say to myself to take an apointement and go see your trove for your awesome 925 rings but It could be nice to know if I could found some clothes to! :) Thanks a lot!

Lady Jane said...

Hi Sandra! Thanks for the message! I have several items in the size 12-16 range, including a very pretty brown & cream polka-dot Ronni Nicole dress (sz 14-16), and a gorgeous navy blue pin-stripe Karen Millen sheath dress (sz 14) - that lady knows how to dress curves ;) I'll take some sneak peek shots and will post them before Friday! Cheers, MJ

Lady Jane said...

Hi again Sandra, I emailed you photos of the items I have in the size 12-16 range, and would love to meet you on Friday. Feel free to send me any questions!

michelle said...

Congrats!!! Happy Anniversary, and MANY MORE!!! You are my favorite shop/blog!! Keep up the fantastic work Lady Jane!!!!!


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