Italian Vogue celebrates curves

* Note: content in some of the links is NSFW *

Italian Vogue's cover feature is entitled Belle Vere, meaning Truly Beautiful.  The photographs showcase Meisel's legendary skills behind the camera as he turns his lens on models whose curves are worthy of celebration.  

Well done, Vogue Italia!

And for more scads more inspiration, spend some time luxuriating in Vogue Curvy.  

I'd love to send Franca Sozzani, editor of both Vogue Italia and Vogue Curvy, a great thumping box of decadent chocolate as a thank you for spearheading both this month's cover story, and for bringing curvy, gorgeous, womanly bodies (with bellies!  and real arms!  and thighs that TOUCH!) into the limelight.  Or the soft boudoir light ;)

I'm headed to Indigo after work to show my support for this kind of initiative in a way the publishing world respects: with my hard earned cash.


Flamehead Productions said...

I LOVE this, MJ! Thanks for posting.
As a Vogue Paris subscriber, I hope they follow suit.

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