Tea & Trove success, and introducing the new kittehs!

Sunday's Tea & Trove in Old Montreal was a sparklesome & flavourful success!  Thirty guests arrived over the afternoon, some with menfolk and kidlets in tow, and my amazing hubby didn't leave the kitchen ONCE in three and half hours.   Whenever I looked over the happily shopping & munching crowd of Trovers, Sohrab was brewing up a fresh pot of tea, cutting up more sandwiches, or topping up the fruit - all while amiably chatting with the gals at the milk, lemon & honey tea -dressing counter.   Pictured above is what was left of the 60 scones, 40 banana chocolate mini-muffins, and 80+ Coronation chicken sandwiches that Sohrab and I had whipped together that morning.   I can't thank my lovely hubby or our elegant co-hostess & her handsome husband enough for their unflagging good spirits and whirlwind energy over the course of the event!   Most of all, my thanks to all the wonderful gals who filled the light-filled loft, made purchases (I am now privy to dozens of secret holiday plans!), and stayed to enjoy a light tea.   It was a real pleasure to see you all!

In other Trove news, there are two new as yet un-named kitties who have made themselves quite at home in the apartment.   My friend Gen sent me a video of a momma cat and her three six week old kitties who had been left to fend for themselves in a backyard, just as the nights were starting to get cold.   Gen has numerous pets of her own, and wasn't able to keep them - as soon as I saw their little furry faces, I knew I was in trouble!    My sister and her fellow have two of the kittens, and Sohrab and I decided that momma cat and the smallest kitten should try our place on for size.

We haven't found names for them yet, but I had a bit of a giggle fit last night deciding that perhaps I'd name them after some of my favourite things.   Some of the names which haven't made the cut:

"Brie" and "Apples"
"Small Sammiches" and "Vintage China Patterns"
"Winter Skirts" and "Opaque Tights That Don't Fall Apart After Two Washings"
"Full Fridge" and "Sticking to my Budget"
"Neil Gaiman's Past, Present & Future Work" and "Built In Bookcase"
"Buffet" and "Potluck"
"Real Mail" and "Not Credit Card Bills"
"Secret Santa" and "Finding The Perfect $20 Office Gift"
"Costume Dramas" and "Dame Judi Dench"
"Grilled Cheese" and "Really Good Coffee"
"Alliteration" and "Hilarious Hippocampal Hiccups"
"Conan O'Brien's Silly Hip Thing" and "Long Weekends"
"Antiques Road Show" and "Plummy Hammy Accents"
"Johnny" and "Depp"
"DesignSponge" and "Apartment Therapy"

So, you see, it may take a while to name them, as I'm having far too much fun with the possibilities.  Also, it'll take a while for them to show their true colours to us, and in the meanwhile we're enjoying getting to know the newest additions to our home.

Kitten - she can basically fit on the tea saucer which she eats from!

Momma cat - happy to be warm and well-fed :)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! :) I think brie and apples are awesome names! Of course that's coming from someone with a kitten named muffin. =D I'm so glad the tea and trove was a hit! Those snackies sound delicious!! :)


Lorri said...

Haha, "Buffet and Potluck" would be a tasty duo! And speaking of tasty, Pete is absolutely CRAZY about those sandwiches -- if the recipe isn't a secret, he wants it!

Brina said...

Ah! they're beautiful! I can tell you that having a momma cat with her babies is one of the best things ever.

Rookie said...

They look just like the mama and baby cat that I adopted a few years ago (and who are still every bit as adorable and cuddly and warm as ever)!

Marise said...

awwww they are soooo cute!

So... any kitty left to save?

Anonymous said...

There are sadly always kitties left to save, :( If you are thinking of adopting feel free to email me at genbudd@hotmail.com.


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