Clambering back on after having fallen off the face of the earth...

Dear Treasure Trovers,

Let me begin by apologizing for my lengthy absence:  I am terribly sorry for dropping off the face of the earth!

The return to school last September at first reduced and then totally eliminated time I'd allocated to estate sales & tending to the Trove.   After the semester ended, I was hoping to find energy over the winter holidays to revitalize this space - I'd even created new categories and planned a few forays.  Alas, before I could do more than recover from turkey coma and holiday madness, school was back in session!  

I wish I could say that the Trove will be ripping and roaring again soon, but that will most assuredly not be the case.  I'll be studying like a Mad Thing for the next few months, as I'm aiming to write my licensing exam at the end of May.   This means that I won't have time for my beloved hunt for Things Vintage and/or Interesting and/or Beautiful to share on this space.  

I'll still be posting the occasional find, but you'll notice the content changing, while still being focused on the idea of  'HOME'.    So much of what I'm studying is the dry & dusty details of real estate brokerage (property law, contracts drafting, mortgage options, oh my), and though I'm loving the learning, it would make for juiceless Trove fodder.   To counter-balance this,  I'll be sharing resources on home organization, fun DIY projects (nothing too fancy - I'll be the first to admit I can barely swing a hammer!), decorating, inspiring spaces, and local treasure spots! 

Cheers to all & have a grand rest of the weekend,

Mary Jane



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