Our dearest Betty-cat

Betty-cat on our balcony.

Hello dear Trovers,

Many of you have met our darling kitty, Betty.   She is our heart's treasure, our first pet as a married couple, and she has brought numerous people (including Trove visitors) many moments of delight.    I am sad to report that she is quite sick and does not have much time left with us.   We're making her as comfortable as possible, spoiling her rotten with all her yummiest foods, playing all her favourite games, and spending as much time as we can with her.   I'll be taking a break from the Trove for a while when the going gets particularly tough.  I know many of you have interacted with her (she may have tried to pounce on a dangling fabric belt if you tried on a dress with one!) and thought it best to let you know.

Very sadly,



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