***SOLD*** Vintage enameled Woodstock and typewriter earrings: $10

My sister's prized possession when we were wee kidlings was a plush Woodstock doll.  She called it Snoopy, which caused no end of childish yelling.

"That's not Snoopy, that's Woodstock!"
"It's my toy and I'll call it whatever I want!"
"But you're wrong!"
"Stop being so bossy!"

Very occasionally this type of exchange would escalate to us throwing small items in the room at one another.   Plush toys, usually.   On one memorable occasion, a yellow plastic comb,  followed by the "G" book of the Junior Encyclopedia Britannica.  (The dent in the wall is still present at my parents' place.)

All that to say,  these fun earrings made me grin, and then email my sister, the day they entered the Trove ;)   A loonie-sized Woodstock pecks diligently away at his blue typewriter.   The earrings are marked "United Syndicate" on the back. 

Price: $10



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