***SOLD*** Liz Claiborne cross-body bag: $10

Bag appears larger on my armless mannequin - still not sure how that works...

***SOLD*** One of the first things my mom does when inspecting a potential new purse is wrench it open to count the number of compartments and zippered pockets.  She does this with a steely-eyed glare which is both unnerving and unecessary :)

This bag would pass inspection with flying colours:  pockets fore and aft,  large middle compartment (zippered) with two interior zippered pockets.    The cross-body strap is 42" in length and is removeable if you'd like to use this as top-handle purse.   Makes a great everyday purse.

Dimensions: 12.5"  x 8.5" x 4"  
Price: $10 (retailed for $70)



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