***SOLD*** Vintage 70s maxi dress, S/M: $20

You know that perfect summer afternoon?   The one which you spend outside, in the sun, losing track of time because you're with good people, and there is luscious food and sparkling conversation?  And then you realize that the rockin' times will keep on rolling because you have a party to go to?  But eeps, you forgot sunscreen and now your skin is kinda sensitive?  And hey the temperature is dropping a little? 

Well.  THIS is the dress you wear to that evening party :)   Fun 1970s bohemian maxi-dress in a lightweight synthetic blend, with comfortable loose sleeves and what I think of as an "Arabian Nights Fireworks" motif.  Would look lovely with a thin metallic braided belt, or a couple of thin leather ones.
Size:  S/M
Price: $20
Rich purple embroidery.



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