*SOLD* Large ornate mirror: $100 (delivery included)

Do any of your rooms need a serious KAPOW? That's the sound that went off in my head when I spotted this beauty this weekend. It would be downright majestic over a mantel, or, if your living room lacks a mantel, then this heavy mirror would make a darned amazing focal point! Perhaps you could draw a fireplace onto an appropriate wall, and then place this above it. I also like the idea of using this large mirror to open up a small dining nook, landing, or entryway. It's made of pressed wood, and is painted a warm silver (it looks like silver painted over pale gold).
Measurements: 48" tall (look at it - it almost covers my fireplace!), 31" across, and 1 1/2" deep
Price: $100 (this mirror retailed for over $400)
Delivery on the island of Montreal included.

Inspiration: mix with more modern and mid-century pieces

Source: http://www.themarionhousebook.com/


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