One mirror, five rooms, ten minutes

Dear Trovers,

This morning, this circular mirror and I spent ten minutes wandering the apartment (somewhat awkwardly - camera in one hand, mirror in the other), trying to find the best place to photograph it.  Rather than selecting the nicest photo, I've decided to share all five because in the end, this simply framed mirror proved surprisingly versatile.

Room 1:  Trove!  This room also functions as our dining room, and the mirror works well as a focal point next to a table.   I'd place a shelf under it, so that I could have fun with a changing display of tchotchkes, to be reflected and enjoyed twice as much.

Room 2:  Bedroom - the mirror looks very well over a bedside or vanity table.   It would be fun to add sconces on either side of it if used as a dresser top mirror.  

Room 3:  Bathroom - I leaned it on the towel bar for this photo, since there was no handy nail, but you get the idea :)    Our bathroom is pretty small, and I like the idea of using an oversized mirror to help open up the space.   If you position it accordingly, you can reflect a window or fun shower curtain.  We found our 'owl' curtain at Hogg Hardware last summer - believe it or not, Sohrab chose it and had to convince me that it would work in our home!

Room 4:  Living room - one of our treasured possessions is the large oil painting hanging over our mantel.   It was a wedding gift, and our first (and thus far, only) piece of fine art.   We were invited to a vernissage featuring the works of Montreal artist Christine Marlow, and once there were informed that we could pick one out for our home!  Sohrab and I each walked around the gallery separately, there were dozens of beautiful paintings, but in the end, this one called to both of us.   Before the painting found its home in ours,  I'd wanted to arrange a variety of mirrors in that space above the mantel, and this round one would have been an excellent part of that collection.

Room 5:  Kitchen - We've a laminated Miyuki Tanobe poster above our stove ($5 garage sale purchase - whoo!), and her vibrant Montreal scene never fails to make me grin.   Even so, the poster was nearly taken down this morning when I saw how well the mirror would look over our stove, reflecting the open shelves across the kitchen, and adding a soft round shape to an angular room.  Tanobe won!  And the mirror moves on to the Trove.


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