An exciting development & a September Sale: 50% off your second item!

Dear Trovers,

The last few weeks have been jam-packed and it's shaping up to be even busier!  I was recently accepted into a Residential Real Estate Brokerage program and will be studying this for the next eight months. 

I'll also continue to update the Treasure Trove,  however I imagine that as the world of contracts drafting, real estate law, and architecture & construction opens up to me,  there'll be times when school will be firmly ensconced atop my list of priorities.

Truth be told, I'm feeling more than a little anxious before my first week.   I'm older than most of the other students, my schedule is going to be pretty packed, and most of all, this really is a brand new field of study for me.   Still, this is something I've been considering for several months, and the timing is right, so I'm going to take a deep breath and enjoy diving into a new challenge!

Wish me luck!

Mary Jane

PS -

I'm going to be converting a corner of the Trove into a study area, and the nook I've earmarked is currently filled with treasure. Time to make room! 

For the month of September:
Buy one treasure, get the second item at half price!



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