Introducing a local treasure-seeker who does the hunting for you!

Dear Trovers,

I stumbled over a Montreal resource that made me want to toss my hands up in the air and yell, "Well finally!"    Jennifer, of Montreal Digs, spelunks her way into the oft murky labyrinth of the city's Craigslist and Kijiji offerings and presents a daily selection of vintage and antique gems, along with her take on the asking price.  

Her taste is eclectic, so whether your scene is sleek MCM, romantic cottage, or Malibu Barbie, she won't lead you wrong!

I know I'm hooked - I've had to direct spritzes of mental cold water at the "Oh!  Gimmeeee!" reactions that some of her posts have elicited.

Go forth, enjoy, and perhaps find a steal or appeal for a deal with one of her sources.


Mary Jane


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