Work & School, Classic & Feminine, Capsule Wardobe Fall Winter 2012-2013

I'm having a lot of fun using Pinterest (sorry Polyvore!) to plan out my mix & match capsule wardrobe for the impending fall season!

I'm taking evening courses for the next eight months, and when I head out of the apartment in the morning, I need to be ready for a time spent on a bus, dashing for the metro, a day at the office, meeting with clients, a brisk walk to school, about an hour of reading, and then anywhere from two to five hours of class time.   My goal is to be comfortable & professional and most of all, ready to leave my place no more than an hour after waking.   There's no time wasted hemming and hawing in front of my closet - I'd much rather grab some extra sleep.

I have several of these pieces already, but will be slowly accumulating others (oh, the dreaded shoe shopping) and will certainly shares tales of retail triumph as they come!

I'm pretty darn pleased with one recent score at the Gap:  a caramel mid-thigh a-line skirt in supple leather.   Initially priced at $199.99, it dropped to $39.00 recently and I was thrilled that one of the three left at the Eaton Center was my size!   I'm not a 'leather mini' kinda gal, but the classic colour, slightly slouchy fit, and the fact that I can wear it with dark tights, all bring it into a comfort zone.



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