"Luscious Me" Contest!

Dear Trovers,

One thing I've noticed after more than a year of hosting weekend Trove raids is that almost every gal who tries on clothing will stand in front of the mirror, glare at some part of their body, and then express something along the lines of  "I hate my knobby knees/ giant calves/ short neck/ upper arms/ flabby thighs."

I'm just as guilty of this sort of thing - I often wish I were taller, with a longer waistline and slender legs.   It seems to be so much easier to find something positive to say about others than it is to attribute beauty to one's self.   Isn't that sad?

To combat this, I'm starting a "Luscious Me" contest here in the Trove.    I'd like you to share three things you like about yourself, and at least one of them should relate to your physical self.    Over the weekend I'll print all the responses, crumple into them into inviting little pieces, toss 'em and let Betty-cat pounce on a winning entry.    The prize: $20 in Trove credit!

I'll kick it off with my list:
  1. I love my caramel skin tone - I can wear a wide range of bright colours!
  2. I love my expressive hands - I grew up in a predominantly Italian neighbourhood and some things rubbed off  :)
  3. I love how confident I feel when picking up my camera to work with someone on a personal portrait - creative collaborations are wonderful, and my darling Canon has some serious heft.
So, lads and ladies, let's hear it :)




Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Jane,

What a nice idea. Let's see, my three things are 1) my curly hair 2) I started knitting this winter 3) I think I'm a pretty darned good mom!


Elizabeth said...

Great idea, MJ! Here's my little list:

1. I love my luxe hourglass figure -- it's a throwback to retro days and makes me say hommina-hommina-hommina when I look in the mirror!
2. I dig the contrast of my pale skin and dark hair -- saturated colours look great with that mix.
3. I love my deep and abiding love for good food, and how a weekend afternoon puttering around the kitchen can be so centering.

Tara said...

1. I love my Ghetto Booty, and is one of the only things that I (as well as my BF)DON'T want to loose as I loose weight!
2. I love my green eyes.
3. I love being creative in any way shape or form, weather it's beading, paper folding, gardening, cooking, etc, if I create it with my hands I'm in, there is something so therapeutic about it.

Brina said...

I think pretty highly of my physical self, these days, so this is going to be easy.

1. I love the curve from my (tiny) waist to my (ample) hip.
2. My calves are awesomely shapely.
3. My eyes are a great colour (boring brown? No way), and have great sparkle when I'm feeling mischievous.

the river said...

Oh I love this idea so much!! I too am guilty of being too often cruel to the me-in-the-mirror...

1: I love how far I've come in my photography and that I have been lucky enough to work and exhibit with my creative soulmate here in Montréal over the past year.

2: I like my hands/wrists and I like that they are the same as my mother's and my sister's.

3: I make a mean scallopine. And in case that's not physical enough, I also like my eyes; they're deep-set like my grandmother's.

Lady Jane said...

@ Elizabeth: you and Nigella have a similar lush loveliness and thanks again for helping me navigate the frightening waters of the cosmetics counter!

@ Tara: LOL! "Ghetto booty!" You have the bounciest most beautiful hair, and you are one of the kindest people I know.

@ Brina: You have panache to spare, and I love your exuberant style! Also, your wicked turn of phrase "I'ma gonna be rollin' in puppies" never fails to elicit a chortle.

@ the River: I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting in person just yet, and please do correct me if I'm wrong but hurrah for the feeling of being behind a camera, and hurrah for family and scallopine!

Lady Jane said...

Oh! And T.: I learned how to knit in high school, but never progressed beyond the "sad skinny long scarf riddled with dropped stitches" so congrats on picking up a useful new hobby!

Anonymous said...

I love my freckles, most people hate them if they have them but I think they are awesome!
I love my naturally straight hair, Makes it soo easy to get ready in the morning!
I love my eyes, they change color sometimes.
And I love my neck. It's really long and photographs well! =D


LindyLou said...

MJ, you ROCK!

1. I love that I don't show my age (or so many, MANY people have told me) and actually, when I look in the mirror and scrutinize my face attentively (blush), I have to say that I agree with them and thank God for letting me emerge from such a great gene pool!

2. Although I have some more pounds to shed (I have lost 102 lbs so far and couting), I love the fact that I am quite tall for a woman (almost 5'9) and that sort of offsets my weight.

3. I love gardening and I particularly love roses. I am very proud of my rose garden and I humbly admit that it is the talk of my neighborhood. From word to mouth, quite a bit of people come take a peek at my front garden each summer and some even get a chance to come into my backyard and see the romantic oasis that I have so lovingly created there throughout the years and that makes me feel really, really good.

Long live the trove! :o)

Anonymous said...

1. I love my long, loooong hair.

2. I love that I've grown to appreciate myself as I've gotten older.

3. I love that I have curves. My chest, my waist and my legs all have a shape that I am growing to love more.

- Laura C

Lady Jane said...

@ Gen: your new haircut really showcases your pretty hair! And I love that whenever I see you, you have some crazy new project going. "I walk dogs! I babysit children with special needs! I built a wall in my apartment! I make soapstone carving jewelry!"

@ Lindy Lou: congrats on your move towards a healthier you, and one day I shall have to visit this rose garden of your, camera in hand :)

Lady Jane said...

@ Laura C: I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting yet, but thanks for responding! I recently cut my long hair off into a short bob, and while I LOVE my easy new 'do, I sometimes miss just feeling the luxurious weight of long long hair :) And hurrah for curves!

Anonymous said...

Me-affirming exercises like this make me break out into a cold sweat, because obedient little W.A.S.P.s never brag about themselves. But I know this is good therapy, so . . .

1. I've got great breasts. (There. I said it.) Not too big, not too small, nice shape, and even after two kids and--- altogether--- almost five years of breastfeeding (with both girls favouring the same boob!), they're still perky and even. (Too much info? Too darn bad!)
2. I'm a good teacher (and getting better all the time). I can honestly say (especially on the good days) that I've helped and inspired many students over the years, and that makes me feel very proud, and (almost) makes up for the crappy paycheques.
3. I'm helping to raise two pretty amazing girls, and I think I'm doing a terrific job: I'm catching glimpses of the women they will become, and all I can say is --- Watch out world!


Amanda D said...

What a cute idea LJ!
1. I have come to embrace my pink cheeks, although they used to bother me before. They make me look healthy.
2. I take pride in being friendly with everyone--strangers included--and trying to make people feel comfortable when I can sense they are not.
3. I like my sense of style!

Lorri said...

Well, you really do know how to bring out the best in a lady!

1. I like my proportions: small waist, long legs, substantial bosom . . . even though you've heard me cursing about it if a particular dress, blouse or jacket won't fit, I really do love the way I was put together . . . especially after the Bibou was born. Somehow, he gave me some lady hips!

2. I enjoy my sense of humour. Making other people laugh just makes things happy.

3. I like my perspective. I'm at a place in my life where I really know what being a Lorri-Anne means, which helps me make sense of the rest of the world.

I srsly thought about this for twenty Etsy-browsing minutes. Thank you for the me-moment, I really needed it!

Rookie said...

I'm so guilty of the "looking in the mirror and grumbling" crime, you have no idea. So here goes:

1- I say I hate it but I actually love my curly hair. It's an extension of my own unpredictability (is that a word?). I get compliments on my curls from the little ladies at work who say it makes me look like the Virgin Mary. When I straighten it, it often stays straight (unlike all the pin-straight-haired girls I know whose curls need oodles of hairspray) and the boys seem to think I'm pretty.

2- I love that people always compliment the big purses I carry around, because I love them and I love being all Mary Poppins and always having everything I need with me.

3- I love making people laugh, even if sometimes it's because I make jokes at my own expense.

theactivestick said...

I know it's late, but the exercise is more important to me than the prize, so here goes:

1. I can make people laugh. I'm not one of those consistently funny loudmouth types, but I can make people laugh. Out loud. And it makes me so happy whenever I do.

2. I am a good friend. I love my friends to bits, and I will do anything for them.

3. I have gorgeous hair. It's very difficult to manage most of the time, but I will admit that it's pretty gorgeous, even when it's a mess.

Maia said...

Yay lady empowerment.

1. I love my blue eyes that is definitely the first thing people notice about me.
2. I love that I am small but still have curves.
3. I love my bangs and a lot of my friends have started calling me Janaene Garofalo (nothing wrong with that!)

RK said...

What a lovely challenge!

1. I love my straight, long hair - I never have to do much styling to make it look sleek.
2. I love my writing ability - whether it's book reviews, blog posts, or personal statements, I manage to leave a lasting impression on at least a handful of people.
3. I love my strong legs for being able to exercise on an elliptical machine regularly, and for being able to walk uphill to my workplace.

Second Hand Shirts said...
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Photogenicbliss said...

Hi Lady Jane, thanks for making this Challenge, the three thing I like about myself:
1) My beautiful blue eyes
2) My passion for photography and the fact that I actually pursued it further (confidence)
3)My tall slim body that makes so many clothes fit on me and look good on me

Lady Jane said...

@ Lorri-Anne: I knew you before you were hyphenated ;) You really are a wonderful Trover and friend and I've been bowled over by your inner & outer beauty from the start!

@ Paze: Your distinctly un-WASPy entry to this contest made me laugh out loud at the Indian resto Friday evening, so thanks very much for that. I appreciate the hilarious TMI (I didn't realize babies had a preferred 'side'), and though I can't speak to your abilities as a teacher, I can wish that some of my CEGEP profs had the same passion. As for your daughters - their inquisitiveness, good natures, and strength of will are evident!

Caroline D said...

This contest pleases me to no end! A fabulous way to celebrate the self and the femme en general! Three cheers to you MJ for being innovative and ever encouraging of your fellow fashion-sometimes-istas!

1- I love my ridiculously long legs. It took years to covet them and move away from my slouched shy posture. I now walk proudly, with conviction, to demonstrate that I love me, allllll of me!

2- I love (and am grateful) for my gift of expression. Whether it be through words, styling or other various creative mediums I have always felt an affinity and ability to communicate with those around me. It's a freeing quality really, one that I intend to never let go of.

3- Lastly, I love my luscious locks. They might be out of control at the moment with finals looming and life being at a virtually complete stand still. Regardless, my hair works as my ever present security blanket, allowing me a sense of self that never eludes me! I'm proud for having grown it, and glad it's always by my side!


Lady Jane said...

@ Amanda D: Pink cheeks! I remember them now - and your friendly disposition as well ;) The folks at Nota Bene must appreciate your ability to put people at ease.

@ Rookie: Mary Poppins, eh? I have a large purse that elicits that kind of reaction from folks well - and it is astonishing how much we gals can tote around with us!

@ RK: I stop in on your blog regularly and thoroughly enjoy your thoughtful, feminist, and humourous approach to fashion.

Mistuko said...

1- i love my almond shaped eyes. they are awesome for trying out new makeup looks!

2- i like my feet! i think they are super cute even though i'm a size 10.

3- i like my smile. i get a lot of compliments on my smile :)

great contest idea!

Leanne said...

I always find flaws when I look in the mirror, so this took me a while to think and really look at myself...

1-I love my freckles...From the ones on my face to the spattering on my knees I love the way they are subtle in the winter and rage in the summer. I also have one on my lips that my man finds totally sexy

2-My stomach. It is not flat or muscular and might be unpleasant to some, but I have four children and my tummy kept them warm and safe and now it is a comfy place for them to snuggle.

3-I love my bum. I may be curvy all over, but dammit it is still as firm and perky as it was when I was a teen

Thanks MJ for this...made me do a lot of thinking! xo

Marise said...

Thats is a lovely idea! But I feel guilty to answer thoses questions. Here is what I like - or don't hate too much :
1. My blue eyes - their shape and color
2. The fact that I never give up on anything
3. The fact that I can always find the courage to kick my butt to go outside for a little jogging/biking/any other sport.

Photogenicbliss said...

when does the contest end?

Ophelie said...

This is an awesome little contest!

1. I have great breasts. Yep! I was one of those flat-as-a-board teenagers, and then I "blossomed" at 22.

2. This is odd, but I know for a fact that I have a smooth, non-bumpy skull -- I shaved my hair off a few years ago and it looked great! I miss that feeling sometime, I might go back to shaved hair someday.

3. I love that I can lift weights and run more than a few minutes at a time. I chased after a thief last weekend and got my stuff back -- something I could never have done before I got my body into shape!

Anonymous said...

This is a really great idea LJ, an exercise that we should tell ourselves everyday!

1. I love my eyes -- they're large, doe-y, expressive, and exotic.

2. I love my skin. My tan caramelly colour allows me to be able to pull off a lot of shades. Plus, it's really soft!

3. I love my sense of humour and outlook on life. It gets me through my roughest days.

-Natasha R

Anonymous said...

Awww, such a nice idea, this brightened up my long week at the library!
Yay MJ!

1) I love my freckles. They are one of my favorite things about my face. When I get more freckles in the summer I feel healthier and happier.

2) I love my naturally wavy hair. It's pretty fine, so I don't have to do anything to it other than wash it and let it air dry. When there is lot of humidity my hair gets a bit more curly and a love it!

3) I love being an old soul. My friends tell me I'm like a motherly old lady and I'm happy with that.

Adelin D.

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! People should do this everyday.

1) My sense of adventure. I try to take every opportunity to try something new, whether its talk to someone who makes me feel shy, eat a cockroach or jump out of a plane (I'm scared of flying). I always makes myself do it because I know you only get one shot at things and its better to face your fears then regret a missed opportunity.

2) I love the gap in my teeth, its small now but I've never had braces and I think it makes me unique.

3) I like my sense of humour, its weird and kooky. But I always think its really funny... even when I'm the only one.

-Megan W.

Flamehead Productions said...

1. My red hair. HATED it as a child, embracing it in my mid 20s. Who would I be without it?

2. My dry sense of humour (clearly inherited from the Jewish side of my family).

3. I'm a good listener and a great friend.

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