*SOLD* 1920s Antoria wind up gramophone, functional! $100

Attention old-timey music aficionados!   Have I got a treat for your ears!   This is a functional 1920s wind-up gramophone, made in England, by Antoria.    The box certainly shows some wear on the exterior (oh the stories this puppy could tell!),  but the pieces are all intact, and it even comes with over 20 extra needles.   The curve of the playing arm is a thing of beauty - very Art Deco!   The whole thing weighs about 15 lbs, so can be totted to a bash with not too much difficulty.

The gramophone comes with two delightfully scratched up records,  and the sound it produces is an aural exercise in time travel.     It requires no electricity,  all you do is insert the winding handle,  crank it up, release the brake, place the needle, and enjoy!   I'll gladly provide a demo, though this fellow does a decent job with a very similar model.

Price: $100
I have a short (20 second) video of this particular one in action - I'll gladly email it to you upon request.



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