Local treasures abound!

My oh MY dear Trovers, you HAVE been busy!   Here's what five of you have been up to, and I'm thrilled to help spread the word!
  1. Quite Beautiful!:   I tend to skim through beauty blogs with eyes ready to roll in scorn, but Maya's new corner of the blogiverse is a shining light in the "advertorial" murk.   Her posts are very well-researched, and are infused with characteristic sass, intelligence, and a refreshing dollop of good sense.   Her focus is on products which are mostly budget-friendly, and paraben and pthalate-free, and she even makes small batches of her own products.  I am addicted to her chocolate-peppermint tinted lip gloss, and her lemon-basil hand ointment has saved my poor little fingers from the Office Dryness.  Fellow cubicle-dwellers, YOU know what I mean :)

  2. CheshireGems:  Trudy is a collector with a great eye for fun finds AND she'll soon be moving in with a rather wonderful fellow.   She's letting go of some of her treasures as they feather their new nest together, and I have to restrain myself from picking up one of her chairs...though I may buckle over a very pretty toffee tin!

  3. Sole 2 Soul Therapy:   There are two people allowed to touch my feet.  Sohrab (ah, the privileges of marriage, eh?) and the very talented Mickey Craig.   After a reflexology session with her, your tired tootsies will feel pampered and deliciously relaxed!

  4. Avon's latest and nicest rep:  Lauren is new to the Avon world, recently engaged (squee!) and is looking to a build a client base.  I remember flipping through the Avon catalogues with my mom, and making lists of talcs and lip glosses to order - it was a comforting ritual.   You can see the latest campaign and contact Lauren here.

  5. Yoga for Round Bodies:  Tara is an excellent teacher! "Yoga for Round Bodies classes are a fun and safe way for round people to explore their curves. The focus will be on gentle movement, restorative yoga, breathing, and relaxation.. Come and join us in these supportive classes where you will be able to practice freely in a comfortable, non-competitive, non-weight loss oriented environment. Your size, or ability are NOT important—come and begin from where you are, yoga can be part of your life RIGHT NOW."


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