*SOLD* Set of 20 vintage dental bottles: $30

Click on photo for much larger image.

*SOLD* This is a remarkable collection of small vintage dental bottles, ranging between 1" and 3" in height, and made from a variety of plastic and glass materials.   Many of them have the original product still intact - everything from solvents and desinfectants to dental cements and porcelain powders used in the making of implants and veneers.  I would strongly advisde against opening any of the bottles without researching the safety of doing so.

They're mostly from the 1940s-1960s and are a joy to the lover of retro and vintage typefaces.   There are 20 in this set, though only 19 are visible in the photo, there is one other bottle, tucked away behind the others in the top row.

Price: $30 for the set of 20
*Please note, there is one other set of 20 bottles available, very similar in age, condition, and size.  If you're interested in both sets, we can fiddle with the price a tad :)



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