*SOLD* Vintage lot of 80+ vintage dental & medical items: $100

*SOLD* Now, I make a concerted effort to keep the Trove pretty and rather romantic, in a non-frilly way, but every now and again my treasure-hunting excursions find me face to face with items of such delicious weirdness, it fair takes my breath. This particular lot provided me with any number of breathless moments. I mean really. Take a LOOK at some of those tools! They look downright medieval! There are too many items to list and photograph separately, but some of the notables: 4 enameled medical trays, one milk glass tool tray, over twenty stainless steel dental tools (including a rather terrifying steel hypodermic needle holder), sets of what look like teeth, but are colour match tools for the manufacturing of false teeth, and quite a few small bottles and boxes. These items weren't stored particularly carefully, so there is definite rust and wear. Then again, that just makes them even creepier!

All in all there are over 80 items in this set, which would be great for a set-dresser, production design student, or collector of vintage medical and dental items. I find that the enamel trays make fine frames for displaying groups of these items.

Price: $100 for the entire set - this is a steal! The tools alone sell for $10-$40 apiece on Ebay and other on-line retailers.



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