The NDG ladies, they like their bargains & their bling!

I'd posted the "2 for $5 Clothing & Jewelry" sale on Craigslist, with a 10am start time.  By 9:40 there were a dozen ladies waiting outside!   It was a lovely day, and I had lots of help from S. & my sister with the set up and initial sales.   Two clothing racks GROANING with clothing were awfully popular :)

The sale ran from 10am til 5pm and in the end over 150 items of clothing and jewelry had found new homes, with the the last hour and half being "Take it for a Dollar!" time!   I got to meet my neighbours, help people pick fun clothing and sparkly items, and pet a lot of cute dogs who stopped by with their owners.

Memorable clients:

  1.  The stand-up comedian, visiting from Winnipeg, who bought 3 vintage bow-ties ($1!) to wear on stage
  2. The fellow who bought all 100 of the vintage comic books ($20)
  3. The adorable gal, on her way to work in the Sustainable Concordia garden, who stopped to pick up a navy blue American Apparel dress and a vintage 1960s dark green & orange floral peacoat ($5)
  4. The newly-arrived Brazilian graphic designer who snapped up a high-waisted navy corduroy skirt with a tiny fox print ($2.50!)
  5. All the little girls who walked away with sparklies from the $1.00 box!

A big thank you to the Trovers who came out to raid in the heat!

Things will be a little quieter than usual in the Trove this week as I re-stock with transitional fall items for your closet, jewelry box, and home.  Some of the goodies waiting for you:
  • 1950s hobnail milk glass lamp
  • estate sale find:  mother of pearl Burmese trinket box
  • vintage leather purses!
  • industrial grey steel box (8" x 6" x 9", HON, Muscatine, Iowa)
  • vintage wooden tilted labyrinth game box



Ponytail Girl said...

I'm glad to hear that the sale went well for you. I wanted so bad to come but couldn't. Too bad for me. See ya!

Linh xo

Lady Jane said...

Heya Linh - it would have been lovely to see you, and to see what creative ways you would have styled the pieces! Next time :)

Aline said...

So glad you've mentioned me. I'm the brazilian designer :) I love the pieces I purchased that day, but I didn't get to wear the yellow lace dress yet. Have a great holiday!

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