Wishlist Contest: Top 5 Autumn Basics 2011

Autumn 2011 Top 5 Wishlist

Hi all!   I stepped out of the apartment this morning and felt actual goosebumps rise on my exposed forearms.   Eeps!  While I'm sad that another all-too-short summer is coming to a close, I can't help but be excited about breaking out the transitional autumn wardrobe.   This is when I delve into drawers and shelves and re-discover last year's items, and then decide what I need to delete/donate (I had a brief and ill advised love affair with bright yellow last fall), what to repair (broken zippers on purses - there are at least 2 of these), and what to add!

My wardrobe wishlist is ever-evolving, but I think that these pieces are pretty high up there.
  1. Navy blazer, preferably with an interesting lining so I can turn up the cuffs
  2. Wide leg jeans - I have a summer-weight pair that S. calls my "hippie clown pants" but that I love all the same.  If I could get a slightly heavier weight denim pair, that would be lovely.
  3. Simple key pendant
  4. Collarless blouse in a spicy colour
  5. Heeled Mary Jane shoes, two-tone.   I shied away from this style for a while, for a rather silly reason.  I didn't want to wear a shoe style that shared my name.  I love this pair from Ecco so much that I think I can finally get over that particular foible.
  6. Not a wardrobe thing, but oh boy am I looking forward to apple pie!
I'd love to know what's on your autumn wardrobe wishlists!   Please submit comments, preferably with an email address where I can reach you b/c (drum roll) there's a prize involved!   On Thursday night around 9pm, I'll print all the entries, roll them into paper balls, and let Betty-cat (who still doing very well!) pick a winner.  The prize?  Seven pairs of vintage pierced earrings to boost your autumn accessories options!

Looking forward to your wishlists!




Ponytail Girl said...

Hi MJ,

Hurray for the contest!

Here's my wishlist:
1. High-waisted brownish American Apparel stretch pants
2. Black leather biker boots
3. Long wool cardigan

That's it for now, am sure there's so many more!


Flamehead Productions said...

1. Forever on the hunt for the perfectly fitting straight-legged, slightly high-waisted, dark denim jeans.

2. The same pair of perfect jeans in black!

3. Hunter green wool coat. (Also a "forever hunt.")

4. Lace-up black leather boots, mid-calf. (I think the pair I bought three years ago are finished.)

5. Pumpkin pie!

RK said...

Wooo contest time! Making this list is getting me kind of excited for cooler weather...

1. a black blazer that I can wear with jeans or dresses

2. a Breton stripe long-sleeve dress

3. flat brown mid-calf boots

4. a classic trench

Elle said...

I'm working on it for my blog but here's a preview

1) Loafer, flat or heeled
2) Something lace, preferrably navy
3) A pleated midi
4) A double breasted blazer
5) A statement ring

Lady Jane said...

I am liking these wishlists so far! Linh: you can totally work the high-waisted stretch pants, miss Long & Leggy! Maya: your pumpkin pie wishlist item is making me rethink my apple selection. Rosel: I've had my trench from Zara for 4 years and I love it. Last year I chopped about a foot off it to freshen it - love it even more! Elle: navy lace really is a nice alternative to black, which can seem to dressy for day. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Jane! I've decided this fall is going to be my first real attempt at a more mature wardrobe. I'm starting grad school, am TA-ing, and can't see myself rolling into a classroom full of first year students wearing the same tees and jeans as most of them.

My list

1) A good classic gray blazer
2) Dressy black pants, straight leg
3) Oxblood penny loafers
4) A leather satchel or briefcase - something more professional than my backpack.
5) Gold hoop earrings

I'm also contemplating giving my long hair a snappy shorter overhaul but haven't quite worked up the courage.

I'm not 100% comfortable with leaving my email address in a comment, so I hope it's ok if I email you.



Lady Jane said...

Hi Chloe! Congrats on starting grad school! I like your list - and knowing your past Trove purchases, I think the classics will mix & match well with some of the quirky items you've picked up - am thinking of the angora cardigan, the braided trim vest and the patent leather boots in particular. I just posted a leather satchel - it may be to your taste :) And I got your email, no worries!

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