Whoot! New banner!

I've been receiving more requests for a business card recently, and my little stamped luggage tags, while sweet, didn't have room for all the necessary info.   My mister tinkered around on-line for about 30 mins and came up with my new card - which, indidentally, works pretty darn well as a banner for the Trove!

They should arrive in two weeks - so excited!



Anonymous said...

Mister knows best!!!!!!!!
Congrats Mister and you for being his Ms.

Lady Jane said...

I am truly happy to have a fellow creative as my Mister :) How many partners do you know who would support an endeavour like the Trove? Strange women trying on clothing in his house...oh wait... :)

Lorri said...

TOO . . . MUCH . . . STYLE!
I want to see you soon! My second-littlest sister's wedding is this weekend, but next week, let's do hangouts!

Lady Jane said...

Hi Lorri-lady, I am STILL feeling badly about missing PD's bday bash, but OH what a lovely bday gift his auntie gave him ;) I'll see you after the wedding and can't wait to hear all the details!

Elizabeth said...

Sohrab has excellent taste, in more ways than one :)

Lady Jane said...

Hi Elizabeth - I read your comment and then sauntered over the livingroom to read it aloud to S. ;)

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