Capsule wardrobe: The Comfortable Classics

Winter Capsule Wardobe 2011
I've decided to not buy any new clothing for the month of November, but that doesn't mean I can't use Polyvore as an inspiration board & planning tool!  

The set above is a mix & match wardrobe that could work well for fall/early winter.   Montreal weather being the fickle lady that she is, one must also be prepared for sudden temperature drops, in which case adding a nice thick pair of tights, a wooly scarf, and a light wool coat to the mix is always a good idea.   I'd like to add more colour to what I wear this winter.   Like so many others, I tend to fall into a safe zone of grey, navy, black, and cream, but I try to add a bright coat and vintage accessories.  It's time to inject pops of red, camel, and golden yellow, methinks.  Perhaps a thrift store will reveal a long red skirt to me!  (I am allowing myself one thrift store clothing purchase a week.)

When I'm putting together an inspiration board, I'm not aiming to purchase the items exactly as pictured (twould be prohibitively expensive!).  I like to look for silhouettes, colours, and prints that would suit my short & curvy/ dark-haired/ glasses-wearing self, and then inject one item I'm a little uncertain of, but attracted to nonetheless - in the case above it's the golden silk blouse.    I make sure that each of the tops can be worn with each of the bottoms, that the shoes are appropriate for dashing down metro stairs, and that the jewelry can be layered with items I already own.    It's also important for me to include items that just make sense for my life : 9-5 office cubicle gal, with frequent dashes to meet Trovers, weekend brunches, coffee catch-ups with friends, nice long walks, and yep, estate/garage/church/charity sale treasure-hunting!




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