Well-priced books for kidlets & more about our "Tea & Trove" event next month

Warm greetings to all!

I've started making my holiday lists, in order to avoid the stress of overspending on last minute gifts - which definitely was a factor in my last two Christmas seasons.    I'm planning on doing a lot of baking, ornament-making, and book purchasing.    Gently used hardcover books make lovely gifts, especially for children, and luckily for those of us on snug budgets, the Discerning Magpie has a fun sister shop, just for kidlets!   Her book selection is wonderful, please do explore.

On a separate note:  I'm thrilled by the number of people interested in our "Tea & Trove" event!   A very kind lady and her handsome hubby have graciously offered the use of their beautiful loft in Old Montreal for the afternoon/early evening of Sunday, November 20th.    Over 300 items of vintage and costume jewelry will be available,  and my dear Sohrab has agreed to serve our personal tea blend, as well as treats!  More to come!




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