Warm greetings, a weekend recap, & a glittery sneak peek!

Dear Treasure Trovers,

I don't know about you but I'm feeling pleasantly dazed after this gloriously summer-like Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a triple whammy for me: birthday, Thanksgiving, and my grandparents' anniversary.  I also decided to attempt my first turkey, and blithely invited a dozen guests over.   

Saturday was spent puttering in Hudson, enjoying Finnegan's Market and a scrumptious tea.  Sunday afternoon was spent anxiously hovering over pots and pans (gravy and stuffing from scratch, because my first bird was going to have proper accoutrements, dangit), regretting not having a basting brush, and repositioning the meat thermometer far too many times.

Sohrab was a wonder - while I was whirling around in the kitchen all afternoon, he made sure the rest of the apartment was squeaky clean and ready to receive both our families and several dear friends. Poor Betty-cat meowed and wandered in puzzlement as the vacuum roared, and as large items of furniture were moved around.

Later that evening I stood in the doorway of the Trove room and beamed at the sight of our guests cheerily crammed around two tables groaning with food (my sister and mom each contributed to the spread), and sparkling with our fine china (a Craigslist find, years ago, being used for the first time). Sohrab had positioned three bouquets of autumn flowers on the window ledge and my sister's boyfriend had made three pumpkin pies, which waited on the sideboard. My first attempt at gravy could have used more turkey drippings, the mashed potato more butter (I'd shoved a bowl of boiled potatoes at my youngest brother when he stepped into the kitchen and he gamely mashed away), but the bird was juicy and delicious (though I nearly fainted watching my mother in law take her first bite) and plates were demolished with gusto.

Everyone then moseyed to the living room while Sohrab prepped tea and my mum and sister arranged the desserts: two kinds of pie, an angel food cake, a gooey Filipino rice cake, and a large apple strudel.

The kitchen clattered with the sounds of several guests taking turns washing and drying, any attempts I made to pick up a sponge or dish towel were loudly rebuffed and I'd find a small plate with dessert in my hands instead!

A few hardy guests stayed til the wee hours as we engaged in a three hour boardgame session - fueled by more tea, crackers, grapes and cheese ...and a bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio.

All in all, a delightfully hectic weekend, with much to be thankful for.

The Trove will be picking up the pace over the next few weeks, as the request for specific gift items for the holidays are starting to roll in.    Please do feel free to email me or to leave items on your holiday wishlist in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

Mary Jane

Newly sparkling in the Trove!
I'm receiving requests for vintage jewelry to wear to schmancy autumn events, so will be stocking more dressy pieces, as well as more sterling silver.

From left to right:
  1. Vintage Sarah Coventry maple leaf silver-tone bracelet: $15
  2. Sterling silver and carnelian ring, size 6 3/4: $20
  3. Sterling silver and pale peridot hoop earrings: $30 *SOLD*
  4. Boldly beautiful large cloisonne pendant in vibrant green, yellow and orange on an extra long gold-tone chain: $20 *SOLD*



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