Treasures for Betty-cat

Dear Trovers,

As I write this, our dearest Betty-cat is at the vet's, having a blood transfusion, as she has become severely anemic.   She has defied the odds for months since her initial diagnosis as FeLV+, and then with a chest tumour; our vet is completely baffled by her, calling her "The Enigma."

 Betty-cat last night - very quietly playing.

The transfusion has a very good chance of improving her quality of life, however this procedure is much more expensive than we'd expected, and so I'll be posting some very special items on the Trove today in an effort to help defray the cost.   (PayPal and email payment accepted.)

Some of the items to be posted today:
  1. Vintage mother of pearl statement bracelet on a gold-tone filigree setting: $40*SOLD*
  2. Set of four vintage flower frogs, one glass, two pale green metal, one expanding wire cage: $20
  3. Small navy vintage Fendi purse: $40
  4. 1930s Royal typewriter, made in Canada: $60 *SOLD*
  5. Vintage printed canvas satchel, with leather accents and straps, opens like a doctor's bag: $40
"Brooches for Betty":  any 3 for $20

(click for much larger & more detailed image)

Thanks to everyone who has sent kind thoughts over the last little while.   So many of you have touching stories to share, and I'm grateful for the empathy.  Our Betty's a heckuva fighter, and we'd like to give her as much quality time as we can.

If you'd like to make a small donation to the Betty-cat Health Fund, please feel free to do so via PayPal (see below).   I will gladly present you with $5 in Trove credit for every $10 donation.


Mary Jane


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