*SOLD* Antique oak medicine cabinet: $120

*SOLD* This is a large and utterly lovely antique medicine cabinet in very sturdy (and heavy!) oak. It has all the original hardware, as well as the original glass knob, mirror, and thick layers of paint (you can see some of the original cream under the pale green).

If I had space for a double sink and vanity, I'd want mismatched his & hers mirrors over the sinks, and I'd want THIS one to be mine! It has plenty of shelf and storage room inside, as well as on top, and it even has a handy towel rod.

This cabinet is large enough to work as a dresser-top mirror, though given the heaviness of it, I'd strongly recommend that it be fastened to the wall behind it. It would make a show-stopper of a spice cabinet in your kitchen - you can even replace the mirror (it comes out) with clear glass for this purpose.

18" across
5" deep
24" tall in the front
27" tall in the back

Price: $120 (delivery included on the island of Montreal)


Medicine cabinet re-purposed as a jewelry organizer

Distressed painted surfaces

Antique green flourishes

Medicine cabinet as...cabinet of curiousities!


Kavanagh Vintage said...

Incredible Piece and worth every penny! If we didn't have one already, this would be in our home.

Lady Jane said...

Aw shucks :) I was astonished at the WEIGHT of the thing when I picked it up. It's got another century in it yet! And the colour is swoon-worthy!

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