Balcony makeover almost complete! Next week: the plants!

The balcony makeover is almost complete!  The photo above shows the sad state of affairs out there just a couple of weeks ago, and then the improvement after a single coat of paint.   We put another coat of paint up yesterday, and then this morning (before dim sum - yeah!), Sohrab decided to tackle this monster:  our giant BBQ!  We never use the side burner, and we decided to cut the arms off the sides.   We stopped at Canadian Tire to get a new single tube for the propane tank (the old one was split between the main BBQ and the side burner - didn't need that!), and then borrowed a metal grinder from our friend Eddy.  This is how the beastie looked at 9:30am:

Then Sohrab did his thing.  See below for triumphant posing with the first section to be cut off.

And this was the BBQ at 9:45am!  It takes up ONE THIRD of the space, which makes for a much more efficient working area, as the BBQer no longer needs to angle in sideways to stand in front of the grill.  You can also see the PVC lattice we scored for $4 on Craiglist - tie-wrapped to the the light of last night's Super Moon!  We sat out there this morning and enjoyed the additional shade and privacy it offers.

Here's the other side of the balcony!  The bench Sohrab made fits perfectly in the small space, and leaves ample room for our garage sale find of the weekend:  a foldable white shelf!  The large green framed poster provides some inspiration for plant life, at least until we can pick up some plants of our own.  The balcony certainly has the cats' stamp of approval - they love their new bench!



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