*SOLD* Two teeny vintage 60s Mexican silver overlay perfume bottles: $30

*SOLD* These two tiny clear glass perfume bottles have a beautiful heavy silver overlay in a floral motif.   The overlay is sterling silver, and both bottles are clearly stamped on the bottom, indicating that they were made in Mexico.  This style of scent or perfume bottle was made in Mexico between the 1930s and 1970s - these ones are at least from the 1960s.   They are quite small - I've placed them next to the smallest of a matrioshka doll set for a sense of scale.

Price: $30 for the pair
Note:  I hopped on Ebay today, typed in "mexican silver overlay bottle" and found four single bottles - almost identical in style - priced at between $55 and $99 each!  Not only are these two very well priced, they'd also look wonderful on a mirrored tray on your dresser. 



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