One cupboard, three ways!

What's this? A rather Unassuming White Cabinet with Shelves? But what can be inside? Shall we take a peek?

My - a pretty ladies' accessories closet, with jewelry, purses & party shoes!

But wait, we close the door, and when we open it again...

A nicely apppointed little linen closet! Perfect for bathtowels, bed linens & bathroom supplies.

Close the door, and open it for the third time...

A neat kitchen pantry! Space for fancy dishes, colourful Pyrex, cans-o-beans, a vintage stand mixer, and your collection of herbal tisanes!

Sohrab and I snagged this little beauty at an estate sale with the hope that it would live on the balcony to store gardening things and BBQ tools. Sadly, there simply isn't enough space for it out there. We're going to see how it fares elsewhere in our 'umble abode, but given the tremendous size of our closets, this wonderful cabinet (pantry, linen closet, accessories storage) may be up for grabs! Feel free to email me if you're interested :)

Update: SOLD
This cabinet has found a loving new home and may be undergoing a dramatic transformation :)


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