Balcony makeover part 3: the flowers!

Last weekend: Molly & May(hem) on the balcony.

Balcony Makeover:  Part III

Last weekend we finished painting, moved the chair-bench into its new place of honour, cut and attached the lattice to the railings, and acquired shelves at the Percival Street Block Sale in Montreal-West.    This week was all about flowers!

We went to see Alex at Marché de Fleurs Westminster  and received great advice on what flowers to plant for the very sunny and windy conditions on our balcony.  We picked up two flower boxes, a beautiful hanging basket, and some gardening supplies, then headed home.   Sohrab drilled drainage holes into the flower boxes, and I happily arranged our new flowers and foliage in them.

See the newly adorned corner below!

Next weekend I'm hoping to pick up the edibles:  tomatoes, mint, basil, lavendar, thyme, and maybe even beans & strawberries.

Oh so much better! 

Oh sad balcony railing, are you lonely and bleagh? 
Oh view of the "massage" parlour across the street (no joke: 3am, goombas, track suits, gold chains), can you be blotted out?

Lonely bleagh-ness & view of the "massage" establishment banished!


Anonymous said...

I love that you put the print up! Genius!

Lady Jane said...

I wanted to use that wall for a vertical garden but was afraid the hot sun would fry everything. Also, that wall is the one place that a bench can rest against - so rather than place actual plants there, we yard-saled a nice big framed poster of a garden :)

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