****SOLD**** Channel Diana Ross! Dramatic cover-up: $15

Quite often, the dress is the main event, and the jacket or cover-up is an after thought. Not in this case, not with this oh SO 80s one-size-fits-Small-to-Large-as-long-as-you're-a-DIVA flowing white poly-blend cover-up. So lightweight, it's almost sheer. Sculptural shoulders and drama-oh-MAMA swooping sleeves. All it needs is a sparkly little dress, killer shoes, and YOU.
Price: $15
Note: there are some very faint blue pen marks on one shoulder. But heck, you'll wear this thing out at night anyways, no one'll notice, and if they weren't there, the price would be higher :P So take advantage of the discount and grab yourself an unforgettable 80s piece!



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