Treasure = Spring outfit inspiration

Some of the prices make me grind my molars, and some of the ensembles get whooshed into the "yeah right, maybe if you're 17, 5'9", 115lbs AND live in a city with NO wind" bitter brain category, however I still get a kick out of Lucky Mag's "A Month of Outfits" feature.

It always sets me to digging around in my closet (a smallish but nice space, dwarfed by the IKEA Pax system which currently houses most of the Trove clothing items) and trying out new colour combos and silhouettes. If someone were to grant me 3 wishes, I'd have to quell the violent urge to bellow "show me how to Shop My Closet Like An Editor" in order to say "World Peace. Environmental Equilibrium. An End to Poverty."


I may even share a few of the outfit ideas here with you, dear Trovers, and would love to hear back from you about what new things you're trying out for Spring! Sewing? Planning a balcony garden? Polka dots? Virtual volunteering? A new signature beer? Starting a hobby blog to help pay for orthodontics? *cough*
The first 5 to share their ideas will get $5 Trove credits towards a purchase of $15 or more! :) Get commenting, lovelies!


Flora said...

Long hair, and a Mamiya C22 camera from the 1960's.

Maia said...

Exercise, new recipes, and not watching so much tv on the internet.

Wai-Lin said...

Redecorating with vintage finds and paring down some of my possessions!

Gen said...

I'm the girl who walks around in black clothing....ALL THE TIME. I literally walk into a store and unless it's black I wont buy it. So this spring NO BLACK!! Oh and also turning a smallish three and a half apartment into a cozy and cute space, rather then cramped and cluttered... Using mostly vintage pieces of course!

Maya said...

Spring really IS about renewal for me, as cliche as it may sound. New apartment (my first big girl appartment sans roommates/boyfriends to be filled with treasure!), new haircut, and newly single. I'm also super excited to be taking an architecture course in Italy in May and June and swinging over to Berlin while I'm at it to visit a dear girlfriend of mine. Can't wait!

Go treasure hunting! said...

Thanks to all of you for sharing!

@ Flora: dreamy camera!

@ Maia: springtime = fresh light new recipes & outdoor picnics :)

@ Wai-Lin: don't forget, rocking your new black frock from Profile - you're going to WOW!

@ Gen: with your colouring, you should be living in teals, turquoises, and blues - esp. since you have all that lovely long hair!

@ Maya: goodness me, sounds like a real time of renewal and discovery for you - I wish you luck!

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