****SOLD**** 1920s amber glass bottle, with "Raspberry 1929" label: $15

"Anne looked on the second shelf of the room pantry but there was no bottle of raspberry cordial there . Search revealed it away back on the top shelf. Anne put it on a tray and set it on the table with a tumbler.

"Now, please help yourself, Diana," she said politely. "I don't believe I'll have any just now. I don't feel as if I wanted any after all those apples."
Diana poured herself out a tumblerful, looked at its bright-red hue admiringly, and then sipped it daintily.
"That's awfully nice raspberry cordial, Anne," she said. "I didn't know raspberry cordial was so nice."
-Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery
Anne's Aunt Marilla would have kept her raspberry cordial in a bottle like this one. Amber glass, early 1920s, with large 'W' Trademark within a crowned crest on the bottom. Small typed label reads 'Raspberry 1929.'
Price: $15



Katherine said...

Oh my goodness, would you accept a trade for this or do you just sell as a rule? This bottle is the best thing ever!

Go treasure hunting! said...

Hi Katherine,

I am usually open to trades, as long as the item isn't being sold on behalf of a client. Would you like to meet downtown one day (bookstore, lunch?) to examine the trade options?
e: ladyjanestreasuretrove@gmail.com

Mary Jane

Anonymous said...

I recently found the base of a bottle made by the same company at an abandoned church built in 1877. Do you know anymore about the company that made the bottle?

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